Set up of new grant for sleep study

This week, a grant will be set up from Epilepsy Research UK in order to integrate a new facet into EPIPEG: Sleep! We are very excited to be able to collect objective measures on sleep on the babies for this study. Epilepsy and sleep are strongly interlinked and many people with epilepsy experience sleep problems. … Read more


Yesterday morning, we had a congregation of people from one of our main funders, SPARKS, together with interested families and funders at the Institute of Child Health. We could give them a short presentation of our research and an update of the EPIPEG study. We had very fruitful discussions and enjoy this morning!

Newsletter October 2016

Our October 2016 newsletter is out with important information about what we ask from clinicians, the new blood pathway, as well as some other updates on the study. Please click here to view: epipeg-newsletter-october-2016-pdf-final