Set up of new grant for sleep study

This week, a grant will be set up from Epilepsy Research UK in order to integrate a new facet into EPIPEG: Sleep!

We are very excited to be able to collect objective measures on sleep on the babies for this study. Epilepsy and sleep are strongly interlinked and many people with epilepsy experience sleep problems. Of course, for families it can have a large impact when the baby wakes up several times during the night and has difficulties settling back. Hence, some families even report back to us that the sleep disturbance they face, which might also be caused by the medication, is worse than the seizures itself. We really hope that with this research, we will be able to shed more light into the whole area and will be able to feed-back parents and paediatricians our results, so that they become more aware of this aspect and might think of simple solutions early on.